1. What are the permitted site working hours?

    They are between 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday and 10am – 1pm on Saturday. If the contractor requires to work outside these hours, they must seek permission from the local authority and the contractor will aim to inform neighbours with as much advance notice as possible.

  2. What vibration monitoring systems are in place?

    The developer has employed an independent practice to monitor vibrations felt by neighbouring buildings. There are 4 vibration monitors installed in buildings on all four sides of the site. Not only do these record vibration data but they also send real-time alerts if certain trigger levels are breached.

    The contractor has numerous vibration monitors on site which they use to monitor their own activities. Notwithstanding this monitoring regime, if any neighbour believes they are experiencing an unreasonable level of vibration, please contact the Bruce Nixon, Sir Robert McAlpine’s Community Liaison Manager.

  3. When will the development be completed?

    It is anticipated that the development will be complete in its entirety in Q4 2014.

  4. Who decides which routes vehicles to and from the site can take?

    A transport plan is agreed with Westminster City Council.

  5. Where does all the earth that was taken from the site go?

    McGee, who were employed to carry out these earthworks, have recycled or re-used 100% of material removed from site and this is usually used on other sites where they have a shortage of material.

  6. What will happen to the roads and footpaths around the site once your development is completed?

    As part of our development obligation, the developer is responsible for renewing the footpaths and roads immediately surrounding the site. Up to that point, the roads are the responsibility of the local authority.

  7. What is going to happen to the chapel?

    During development a Chapel Steering Committee will be set up and on completion the chapel will be handed over to a community trust to manage the running of the facility for the community.

  8. How many loads will the cranes carry?

    The cranes will carry some 80,000 loads.