Steel work to the office blocks on Mortimer Street making progress

The ground and lower floor slabs are 90% complete and will be 100% complete by the end of April. Block 5 and Block 6 & 7 have their concrete floor slabs complete to Levels 3 and 2 respectively; with both blocks completing to Level 6 this month. Office Block 1 has the steel frame and decking complete to Level 5 while Office Block 2 has steel frame and decking complete to Level 3.

Tower crane 7 to be mounted on top of office block 2 on Mortimer Street

The lower ground floor and ground floor slabs are in progress (80% and 75% complete). Good progress is being made to the lift cores across the site and the pedestrian protective gantry has been erected over Mortimer Street pavement with London Fashion Week photography artwork replacing the previous graphics.

We would like to advise you all that the site and office will be closed over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Normal site working will commence Tuesday 2nd April 2013.

First steelwork arrives for Mortimer Street office block

The Mortimer Street excavation gantry is now closed and Cleveland Street remains the primary point for site deliveries and collections. The Basement raft has now been completed and the Lower ground floor and Ground floor slabs are well underway. Good progress is being made to lift cores across the site; most lift cores will have reached their finished height by the end of the month.

Excavation completes as more lift cores come into view

As we head into Christmas and the New Year, site activity continues to concentrate on the progression of the lift cores generally and the laying of concrete floor slabs. Following the completion of the basement raft, blockwork within the basement will commence in January.

Due to the extended Christmas holiday there will not be a newsletter in January. The next Newsletter will be issued in February 2013.

Final tower crane arrives as the first core reaches its top floor

November will see the last of the six tower cranes erected and the first of the lift cores reach its top floor. Significant progress is being made with the construction of the other lift cores across the site as Sir Robert McAlpine’s workforce has increased to over 400 people on site daily.